About One Power Services

About Us

"Providing world class innovative solution for your engineering challenges"

ONE POWER SERVICES has brought world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace through innovative products, materials and services. Serving the diverse engineering industries our clients are range from companies in power generation, oil and gas, engineering and aerospace industries.

With our spawning experience in all the facet of the engineering industries we are proud to introduce a broad range of up to date technologies to tackle the unprecedented engineering challenges. We offer our expertise skill and specifically designed solutions for your toughest industrial challenges.

ONE POWER SERVICES provide extensive proficiency knowledge creating customized solution for your engineering specifications and sustainability requirements.


ONE POWER SERVICES we are focused on innovative and economically viable solutions for the world’s engineering industries. Working together with the industrial industries to find the right solutions for services and product efficiency.

We offer the engineering industry’s broadest array of high performance of technologies, products and services to improve compliance and cost-effectively performance. From power generation plant to offshore platforms to commercial industries and everything in between, we are your choice partner to meet the needs of all key solution in the engineering industry.


ONE POWER SERVICES to provide better facilitate performance, reliability, economically low-cost, improved product and services to lessen the environmental footprint. Our offerings support energy-enabling technologies in energy storage and throughout the power generating process, distribution and the conversion processes.

Loyalty have been our brand in providing the best customer experience, thus our clients are our priority.