Right Solution Water and Environmental Treatment

Waste Water Treatment and Air Pollution Treatment

Protecting the environment for future generations is a legal requirement for manufacturers today, and is therefore one of their core responsibilities when choosing wastewater and air pollution treatment.

One Power Services imported Right Solutions® products that we distribute are made from selected natural raw materials through standard quality control at each production process. It is range of organic, bio-degradable coagulants using a sustainable source, and high efficiency raw material that will make choosing of wastewater treatment and air pollution treatment easier. They can significantly reduce associated disposal generation withour complete line of waste water treatment and air pollution treatment that allows the most efficient and economical environmental solution.

At One Power Services we are continually committed investing and distributing technology of waste water treatment and air pollution treatment to supply new and exciting products that will make it easier for our customers to use environment-friendly solutions when treating their wastewater treatment and their air pollution treatment.


One Power Services offers free consulting services for the supplied and imported of Right Solution® activated carbon which is suitable for their production needs, we too offer to take back used activated carbon for recycling as well to help save great deal on customers’ production cost.

At One Power Services the product we distribute comes with a variety of form-powder, granular, and extruded with immense absorbing capacity which is good for the food and beverage, petrochemical, paint and dye, energy, and many other industries.