Right Solution Water and Environmental Treatment

Waste Water and Air Pollution Treatment

Activated Carbon

A premium grade activated carbon contains specific properties which are developed specially for petrochemical industry, oil refinery, natural gas separation, power plant, water treatment plant, and heavy industries. It has been designed totreat air toxic, mercury vapor, airborne organic compounds with ease, as well as special high quality water treatment system, for example water that contains zerosilica used for generator. It can absorb mercury vapor from gas.

Activated Carbon Activated Carbon

Pure Sorb

A high quality activated carbon is used for various industrial plants such as wastewater treatment system, water system for plants, as well as airborne pollution and chemical vapors.

Pure Sorbe Pure Sorbe


Carbon is a high quality activated carbon imported from Sweden.
- Aquasorb for water and wastewater treatment.
- Ecosorb for treatment of volatile organic vapor and air.
- Colorsorb for color therapy. And contaminants in the fluid. Suitablefor food and beverage.

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Water Filtration

"The quality of your water is the quality of water filtration from Right Solution®"

Sand Filter

Made from natural raw material. Grain-of-sand layers effectively remove suspension from water. 30 Litres/bag.

Sand Filter


High quality sand with efficient suspension and turbidity removal. Can be used in combination with sand filter. 40 Litres/bag.


Manganese Sand

Useful for eliminating rust and manganese, turbidity, sewer gas (hydrogen sulphide) and suspension in water. 25 Litres/bag.

Manganese Sand