Rochem Cleaning and Washing

Rochem® Process Compressor System

One Power Services supply and distribute ROCHEM® Process Compressor Systems for oil & gas industry. The performance of Natural Gas process compressors can be radically reduced by fouling carried in the medium being processed. These compressors are the most vital part of the chain of production so if they lose performance through fouling production drops by the same rate of performance loss.

Reasons to choose Process Compressor Cleaning Systems-PC Range:
  • The PC RANGE is designed for industrial process compressors and isavailable in static and mobile forms
  • The PC RANGE is fully self-contained and simple to operate
  • Using proven technology the PC RANGE offers the operator simple and effective control of process compressor cleaning
  • The PC RANGE can serve multiple process compressor wash nozzle systems for both on-line and off-line cleaning
  • Every PC RANGE wash delivery system is fully factory tested and is designed for quick and easy installation
  • The PC RANGE is available with a number of standard options and can be customized to suit you specific requirements
  • Rochem® is a certified ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer