Rochem Cleaning and Washing

Rochem® Filtration System - Triple Stage Filters, TSF's

One Power Services distribute and supply Rochem® TSF's that are now found on every nozzle/manifold system that we produce and the problems of nozzle blockage are now a thing of the long distant past. If the primary filters on the wash skid should ever fail our TSF is guaranteed to prevent any debris from ever reaching and blocking the nozzle system.

Reasons to choose ROCHEM® FILTRATION - Filtration Systems (Triple Stage Filters - TSF's) :
  • The TSF is designed for use with Rochem® gas turbine compressor wash systems
  • The TSF is a special component designed in-house which filters the wash fluid before entering the manifold ring and nozzle tips
  • Virtually eliminates possibility of blocked nozzles
  • The TSF can easily be cleaned by back-flushing thus saving complet overhaul and replacement of nozzle systems
  • The TSF’s can be ordered in two varieties for serving on-line or off-line wash nozzle systems and can be used for filtration of both liquids and gas
  • Rochem® is a certified ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer