Rochem Cleaning and Washing

Rochem® Batch Pump System

Reasons to choose Rochem® Batch Pump System for on-line/off-line compressor cleaning:
  • The BP RANGE is designed for industrial Gas Turbines and is available in static and mobile forms
  • The BP RANGE is fully self-contained and simple to operate. The small footprint allows for installation into limited space
  • Using proven technology the BP RANGE offers the operator simple and effective control of gas turbine compressor cleaning
  • The flexibility of the system allows the operator to change chemical ratios and wash & rinse cycle volumes etc
  • The BP RANGE can serve multiple gas turbine wash nozzle systems for both on-line and off-line washing
  • Every BP RANGE wash delivery system is fully factory tested and is designed for quick and easy installation
  • The BP RANGE is available with a number of standard options and can be customised to suit your specific requirements
  • The BP RANGE is available for use in hazardous areas such as offshore and onshore oil and gas facilities
  • Rochem is a certified ISO9001:2008 manufacturer