One Power Services Rochem Turbine Cleaning Chemicals

Gas Turbine Cleaning Chemicals

Gas Turbine Cleaning Chemicals

One Power Services distributes turbine, engine, and compressor cleaner solutions for all gas turbine compressors for commercial professionals, as well as power generating companies.

We are in the business of supplying a range of high quality and industry-proven solvents that ensure compressors and turbines remain in an impeccable pristine conditions internally to operate at its maximum efficiency.

One Power Services clients are range from companies in the power generation, oil and gas, engineering and aerospace industries. Cleaning with our product improves gas turbine efficiency and extends the time between major overhauls thus increasing its availability and reliability life span by reducing maintenance cost too.

We offers the widest range of chemical solutions for on-line & off-line solvent that are cost effective, type approved that effectively deal with every operating and fouling condition. Our systems will ensure operations safety and avoid unnecessary pollution risks and its eco-friendly safe to our surrounding environment.