One Power Services Rochem Turbine Cleaning Chemicals

Water-Based Detergent

WATER-BASED DETERGENT was developed to give the maximum possible cleaning efficiency and effectiveness from a non-solvent chemical. It is a non-hazardous, user-friendly and highly biodegradable water-based cleaner. This detergent is a highly biodegradable product, according to OECD 301-A test and has no cloud point for complete temperature stability throughout the compressor with a high temperature stability. Approved & meets most major OEM’s world-wide.

Product features :
  1. Our Water based detergent are for cleaning and corrosion inhibiting of gas turbine compressors.
  2. It is used for offline and for online cleaning and with dilute ratio is 1:4.
  3. Our detergent  are completely soluble in water.
  4. Not detrimental nor corrosive to any materials normally used in gas turbines compressors or air craft structures.
  5. Our detergent are non Aggressive against our skin and eyes. For the application and handling it must be accordance to the standard safety procedures of the cleaning products.
  6. our water base detergent are biodegradable, for large mount of spillage absorb with sand or earth soil for disposal and for small spillage it can be flushed with water.
  7. For the off-line effluent disposable is determined by the engine’s fouling found in the solution.
  8. The shelf life is for 5 years with no restriction in shipping as the product is classified non-hazardous for international transport by sea or air.