LM Gas Turbine Parts and Services

One Power Services provide General Electric LM - LM1600, LM2500 and LM6000 Aero derivative. We are your choice of partner in the gas turbines industrial and marine gas turbine servicing solutions to the LM series in the industrial gas turbine market sectors. We supply spare parts, maintenance services and the full range of technical support services which would traditionally be supplied by the OEM.

We have the specialised experience of maintaining gas turbines and equipment for all oil & gas and power generation industry operators. Maintaining a global network of technical experts providing 24/7 support to owners and operators of turbine machinery worldwide. Our skilled and professional staff are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to maintain plant performance and reliability.

What fuel us at One Power Services is our commitment to providing exceptional customer care with a personal touch. Our offers guaranteed response time to meet operator needs and provide continued after-sales support to ensure that your products are fully maintained for many years to come. We serve a diverse international market – delivering complete power generation solutions, from design and engineering to assembly and maintenance.

LM Gas Turbine Maintenance and Spare Parts Services

Excellent service is at the heart of our maintenance services. We understand that in the industry, losing power simply isn’t an option, that is why we offer reliability, availability and performance services for your LM gas turbine.

Our gas turbines are built to be tough and reliable, and our ongoing servicing and maintenance programmes keeps them in optimal condition. In any problematic occurrence should arise, we take responsibility for putting it right swiftly and effectively with our remote diagnostic technology, we are able to identify the cause of many technical issues immediately.Our system allows us to monitor trends and respond to problems with speed and precision. We too have the resources to deploy staff to provide a hands-on solution whenever it’s needed. Our agile and highly responsive service team are ready to react to any challenges that come your way.

Our Maintenance

  • Permanent stock of critical LM spare parts
  • Maintenance solutions:
  • Control system retrofits
  • Hot section exchange on-site
  • Service interval & life extension
  • Troubleshooting
  • Strategic gas turbine spare parts management
  • 24/7 availability for emergency calls
  • 24/7 logistic support

LM Gas Turbine Spare Parts

  • Sensors
  • Probes
  • On- and off-engine cables
  • Lube & Scavenge pumps – new or overhauled
  • Starters – new or overhauled
  • Valves – new or overhauled
  • Actuators – new or overhauled
  • LM Consumables (filters, seals, gaskets etc.)
  • Speedtronic & Woodward controls cards
  • LM Tooling and maintenance toolboxes

Other Maintenance solutions

With One Power Services you don’t just get efficient power solutions. You also get a partner to provide ongoing long term support and guidance working together with theshared goal of keeping your LM gas turbine reliable and profitable into the future. There’s no-one better place to understand our specialist energy equipment than our dedicated engineering experts. So with our excellent service and maintenance packages, you can feel confident that your energy package is in safe hands. Our exceptional services deliver taking care of your power needs, leaving you free to focus on looking after your core business.

We are here to assist you with all requirements you may have with your gas turbine operation:

Overhaul consultancy

  • Determining the preliminary overhaul workscope
  • Preparation of the request for quotation
  • Evaluation of the proposals submitted by the depots
  • Establishment of the overhaul workscope
  • Determination at the overhaul shop of the most economical intervention (repair, overhaul, replacement with new or used) for each scope component. Wherever we recommend a more cost effective solution than the overhaul shop we align to find the best solution
  • Monitoring of the shop work on the engine, providing regular feedback about progress
  • Monitoring of the testing of the engine
  • Evaluation of the entire overhaul process
  • Assessment of the final overhaul invoice

Emission reduction retrofits

Our smart optimized steam injection system offers a number of advantages and benefits:
  • Effective NOx emission reduction at all loads (full load and part loads)
  • Lower installation costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Extended engine service interval time

Engine relocation

We provide systematic decommissioning and re-commissioning services for used LM engines & packages to realize an effective start up and operation at their new location.
  • Disassembly and reconstruction of LM gas turbines
  • Decommissioning services
  • Re-commissioning services