ZEOTEK® Filtration Systems

Lube Oil Quality Purification

Understanding fuel and oil health, we at One Power Services distribute customized ready-to-go ZEOTEK® Liquid filtration and oil/water separation unit, using “Low voltage electrical charge agglomeration method” to enable our customer to effectively remove water and solid contaminants to keep your fuel and oil sources clean.

If you require rapid clean-up of particulate and water from oil, diesel fuel and process fluids regardless of the volume that needs to be cleaned, ZEOTEK® is your solutions to the most challenging cleanup polishing task.

ZEOTEK® also cleans the entire system using the same oil extending the lifecycle of every single part in the system and significantly reduces costly, time-consuming and above all unnecessary repair work and maintenance work.

We offer products and services assisting you in keeping your fuel and oil healthy making your equipment performing at its best.


  • By using ZEOTEK® electrical charged agglomeration filter for lube oil flashing, lead time is reduced to ¼.
  • Electrical charged agglomeration filter enables to recover 90% of waste oil leading to great reduction of new lube oil.
  • Electrical charged agglomeration filter will not change much of the lube oil chemical condition.
  • Electrical charged agglomeration filter will modify the RBOT amount.
  • Water within the lube oil will be eliminated.

Filtration Equipment

Electrical charged agglomeration will enable minute particles elimination that are smaller than the mesh size. Collection of non-magnetic substance is also possible. This agglomeration could be applied to liquid; thus, the separation of oil and water is also possible.

Filtration Flow

Lube oil purification proposal

1. Shortening the lead time
According to the reference, flashing lead time is reduced to ¼.

2. Reduction of new oil replacement
The amount of oil replacement at flashing could become 1/10, compared to ½ which is the current status.

3. Elimination of water
RBOT amount modification, prevention of machine damage.