Metal Sourcing

Metal Sourcing High-Performance Metals and Alloys

One Power Services we are the forefront of the Recycling Industry, offering a professional approach in Metal Sourcing high-performance metals and alloys whilst maintaining the highest of standards at all times. We offer in-depth expertise and experience in ensuring the provision of optimizing maximum value to our customers’ revert cycle at all times.

We provide innovative services and trouble-free solution for the aerospace, oil & gas, power generation and engineering industries to achieve the highest valuable return from their surplus and recyclables metals.

At the heart of our sales and services we aim achieve highest unbeatable prices for our customers’ depreciated assets into useful revenue. Personal service is a matter close to our hearts and we pride ourselves in taking good care of them.

Sourcing & Supply

We work with passion to produce the best recycling solutions and recycled materials for your need with working closely with the sourcing metals and alloys to achieve the best prices for your scrap material.

We provide high-quality service optimizing the value of waste scrap which can efficiently and economically benefit our customers.

We source and trade high specification scrap metals  and alloys:
  • Nickel alloys
  • Cobalt alloys
  • Titanium
  • Tungsten carbide
  • Molybdenum
  • Tungsten
  • Niobium
  • Tantalum