Water Treatment Systems

Rochem® Reverse Osmosis Systems

Rochem Reverse Osmosis
Clean sterilize and desalinate seawater to high quality pure potable water. ROCHEM RO plants are shipboard system favorites.

Over 2000 installations with varying capacities ranging from small vessels to the very largest, including the NATO Navies, are in daily use all over the world. Their modular construction allows the flexibility to make system design and installation relatively easy on any vessel.

Certified by all well-known Classification Societies, the systems provide fully automatic operation and are easy to maintain.

ROCHEM® Reverse Osmosis System - NAVIES

Since 1982, Rochem has been successfully designing and manufacturing seawater reverse osmosis (RO) desalination systems throughout the world.

About 1000 of Rochem RO plants are operational worldwide on naval units. Over 200 were installed on Italian Navy vessels such as destroyer, frigates, minehunters, submarines, supply vessels etc.

With a high degree of expertise in the marine industry and our own in-house engineering, fabrication, assembly and test facilities, we are able to offer high specification water treatment solutions and after-sales service.

Rochem's seawater RO desalination systems are available in a wide range of capacities and can be custom-built to any required capacity.

Rochem RO systems are designed to fulfil all Naval requirements, such as:
  • Shock and vibration resistance
  • EMC
  • Airborne noise emission
  • A magnetic design, etc

Characteristics of the Rochem® RO Desalination plants
  • Skid/frame assemblies of welded construction, in stainless steel AISI 316. For long life and minimal maintenance
  • RO plants are automatically flow/pressure regulated. This allows the plant always to provide the maximum capacity achievable with the given feed water temperature/salinity at any given time
  • PF Modules are repairable
  • Exchange modules are available
  • Long membrane life
  • Low chemical products cost. Chemicals are only used for membrane cleaning, as there is no need for chemical treatment of the feed water
  • All units are equipped with a fail safe system which protects them from potentially damaging external conditions and/or operator errors
  • High pressure pumps start operation in optimum conditions because pressure builds up very progressively as the motorized pressure control valve closes slowly until it reaches its pre-determined stable position, corresponding to the set pressure in the modules.
  • At each normal system shut-down, all sea water wetted components will be rinsed with permeate thanks to the fully automatic “Stop & Rinse” mode. This will prevent any organic matter based fouling process developing during shut-down periods of up to 2 weeks, without the need for chemical disinfection

Design and Construction Standards

The Rochem® RO Fresh Water Generators are designed, fabricated and approved according to the following National and International Standards:
DIN - (German Industrial Standard)
VDE - (Association of German Electricians)
VDMA - (Organisation of German Mechanical Engineers)
IEC - International Electric Standards for Electr. Motors
ISO - International Standards
NATO-Stanag BV 043(85) Shock-resistance
NATO-Stanag BV 044(87) Vibration-resistance
NATO-Stanag BV 0120 rev. 03/86 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
BV 3000-2, rev. 02/91 E-Plants, planning and general directives
BV 3100 E-Plants
BV 3300, rev. 06/90 E-Plants, switch cabinets, switches
BV 3400, rev. 03/88 E-Plants, cabling

The Rochem® RO units are designed and constructed to fulfil the requirements of the following Classification societies:
Germanischer Lloyd
Lloyds Register of Shipping
American Bureau of Shipping
Det Norske Veritas
Bureau Veritas
RINA Certificates for high pressure hoses

Rochem® RO - Freshwater Generator, SYSTEM Type RO 1530-TS-35S, Capacity: 35 m3/day Fully automatic version with seawater preheating system

Rochem Reverse Osmosis

Rochem® RO-Freshwater Generator,SYSTEM TYPE RO1020 PF4_PF1,Capacity: 20 m³ / day potable water plus partly 200 l/d technical water

Rochem Reverse Osmosis

Rochem® RO-Freshwater Generator,SYSTEM TYPE RO 9400,Capacity: for example 2 m³ / day potable water

Rochem Reverse Osmosis